• If you are a member of our parish, please fill in the form  you will find below and send it to the church or personally bring and give it to the priest, to complete or update your data.
  • If you are a Catholic and live in a near area for more than three months and want to register in our parish, please fill in the form and send or bring it personally to the parish with a copy of the baptism certificate.

Thank you for your cooperation.


1. Church Registration
The Church in Japan values each one`s membership in a particular parish besides one`s membership in the Church through the Sacrament of baptism. Through membership in a local parish one fulfils the responsibility of supporting the Church. This membership, also, helps the ministry of the church to be more efficient and effective.
In your parish you can receive the sacraments, the faith education for your children, and consultation. Of course, you can attend Mass and participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation in other churches.

2.Transferals In and Out
If you are not registered in a church, please go to a pastor in the church nearest to you and ask him to put your name in the parish register. When children are baptized or receive First Communion their names are recorded in the parish registers. Parents can be registered at this time also. The contents of the church register are kept confidential.

If you intend to remain in a district over three months you have the right to register at your local church.

3.When Moving
When you are going to move to another district, please contact your pastor and request a Parish Transfer Certificate which you can bring to the pastor in your new church.

If you are going overseas, it is possible to request your pastor to prepare baptismal certificates and other documents to take with you.

(from „Welcome to the Catholic Diocese of Nagoya”)