Welcome to the Anjo Catholic Church.

In our parish, people of different nationalities gather and work together. Masses are therefore offered not only in Japanese but also in Portuguese, English, Filipino, and Spanish.

The history of the parish began in 1972 when a small church was founded in the nearby city of Chiryu. In 1989, the parish was moved to its current location in the city of Anjo. First came a two-story building with a large hall and a parish office on the ground floor. The hall was where Holy Mass was celebrated and different events and ceremonies took place. Upstairs there were classrooms and a living room for the parish priest. Since then, a church building has been added, followed by a new building with a small chapel and classrooms.

Because the parish is very close to the railway station and has parking for more than 40 cars, it has become a meeting place for Catholics from different parts of the world that live and work in nearby places. They can attend Mass in their native language as well as take part in meetings, lectures, and occasions of various kinds.

Since 1989 over 1,200 people have been baptized here. Among them were about 300 Japanese, 750 Brazilians, 80 Filipinos, 30 Peruvians as well as representatives of many other nationalities. Currently, more than 500 people belong to our parish, with over 200 non-Japanese residents regularly attending Mass and taking part in the life of our parish community.